Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing involves pulling a vehicle with a pair of wheels on the ground. This type of towing method is meant for towing over short distances. A wheel lift tow truck has a metal yoke that can lift the wheels of a vehicle, and pull it on the road. This is a common towing method because it is fast and easy to operate. It is best used for short distance towing and towing in tight spots.

Front Wheel Drive Vehicles

Front-wheel-drives have the power from the engine of the vehicle delivered to the front tires. When towing this type of powertrain, the front tires should be lifted by the tow truck and towed with the rear wheels on the road. Since front-wheel drive vehicles are unattached to the drive shaft, the rear tires can be pulled without causing damage to the powertrain or ad mileage to the vehicle.

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Rear Wheel & All Wheel Drive Vehicles

For all-wheel-drive or rear-wheel vehicles, there are some careful steps to take before towing these vehicles. Having to remove the driveshaft is perhaps the first thing to do. When driving with the driveshaft spinning, the energy produced will be distributed through the transmission. But when the engine is off, when wheels turn the motion will be set along with the powertrain. This is not good for the vehicle, as the transmission fluid and oil do not have avenues to get channeled to areas in the engine where lubrication is needed. When friction occurs, it will cause damages to the internal components of the engine.

However, when the driveshaft is separated, the wheels will not provide any friction or energy that will lead to building up in the internal parts. Since there are no moving parts internally when the driveshaft is disconnected.

One way to prevent possible damage when towing all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles is to use a tow dolly. Tow Dollies can support the wheels on the ground, and prevent damage to the transmissions of the vehicles.

The Effectiveness of Wheel Lift Towing

When you need to have your vehicle towed from low clearance parking lots or tight parking space, we can do so using a wheel lift tow truck. The advantage of a wheel lift towing over flatbed towing is that it has higher accessibility. Flatbed towing provides great security. However, it can be difficult to remove a vehicle when the operating space is small or narrow. Both flatbed and wheel lift tow truck is excellent towing equipment. The application of these vehicles will depend on the circumstance and the towing situation.

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