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Car doesn’t want to start? we can help! even if you stuck in a parking garage, our techs carry mobile battery chargers to be able to fit into the tightest areas to help start your car. Best of all we are available every day 24 hours a day, even holidays! Give us a Call (424) 672-3010 and let us help you get back on the road again with a jump start.

We are in the towing and roadside assistance business. This also means we are available for assistance 24 hours a day! When you have any car issues, such as a dead car battery, you can rely on us for help. Whether it is towing or roadside assistance, we have you covered. Our team of roadside technicians is capable of giving the best roadside services in town.

Getting Your Car Started Again

To start a car engine to start, the battery is needed to power up the electrical components. There are certain reasons why the car battery fails to work. It can be due to the battery is old and replacement is necessary. It can also because you left the lights on for overnight and the battery is drained.

To perform a jump start, you can do so using the following:

  • Get jump start cables, connect the car battery to a working battery. Then using the working battery, jump the car and let it continue running for a while to charge the dead car battery.
  • You can also do so using a battery charger
  • If there is a jump start box, use it and let the battery charge enough to jump the battery.

If there is nothing seriously wrong with the car battery, it can be done using jump start cables, battery chargers, or jump start boxes. The dead battery should start after fifteen minutes of connecting to the above devices.

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Will Jump Start Ruin the Vehicle?

It is possible if done wrongly can damage the vehicle. There are a few conditions for it to happen. Firstly, the age of the vehicles. New modern vehicles tend to have more computerized systems. So if done incorrectly, the system may be damaged. For older vehicles, a jump start done wrong can blow up the fuses of the good battery.

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