Heavy duty towing Lynwood

Heavy duty towing consists of towing some heavyweights including buses, trailers, trucks, and more. We have the towing equipment, skill, and experience to move your vehicles safely. Because of the size and weight of the vehicles, towing them can be hazardous. Trying to move a vehicle in the middle of fast traffic can end up in injuries, sometimes fatalities. Our towing team has the experience to handle these towing situations. They have both the practical knowledge and experience to have the job done.

Heavy Duty Towing – Safety Standards

For those not working in the towing industry, you may not understand the hazards involved in heavy duty towing. To ensure our customers and staff are well protected, we use the latest towing equipment and best practices to get the job done. We adhere to our safety SOPs when carrying out the tasks. We will take every necessary step to ensure everything will progress as safely and smoothly as possible.

heavy duty towing

Towing Capacity

To balance such a heavy vehicle will take patience and skills. A wrong move can result in serious damages. Doing things wrongly can end up damaging the vehicle, tow truck, and even hurting the people around the vehicles. Therefore, we only allow experienced operators to do the jobs. We have the ability to move any vehicle, it includes light and medium duty vehicles too. We can tow cars, motorcycles, vans, RVs, SUVs, trucks, buses, and more.

Fast Response Times

We believe that time is money, and your time is precious. The more we keep you waiting, the more likely you will have a disruption in the schedules and lost revenues. We have fast response times to react to our requests. Usually, heavy duty vehicles are employed for working long hours throughout the day or night. They are used to perform different types of commercial works, construction, and transportation. When these vehicles have broken down in the middle of the night, getting help may be difficult. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer assistance.

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