Four Tips for Towing Vehicles Safely

Towing vehicles may be dangerous if proper guidelines are not adhered and administered correctly. When not following the guidelines, towing can be risky and will endanger the safety of other motorists on the road. Understanding the precise and correct techniques as well as procedures for towing vehicles helps the towing staff or driver to secure the safety of the loads and the passengers. Below we shall examine four guidelines:

1. Do Not Exceed Towing Capacity

When towing loads which weigh heavier than the maximum towing capacity of a vehicle, problems will arise. For instance, a load which too heavy may cause damage to the drivetrain of the vehicle. A damaged drivetrain is a safety threat to the other motorists on the road, and this is especially so if vehicles are driving uphills. When the load is out of control, consequences can be severe. Thus towing capacities needs to be observed and managed to prevent potential mishaps from occurring.

2. Utilize Safety Straps and Chains

Always make sure the chains are tightly and safely secured, so that the loads will not get separated or break away from the towing vehicle. Note that it is crucial for the chains the cross under the tongue of the trailer, so that in case the hitch is unfastened, the trailer will not disengage or hit the ground rolling. Also, do not attach chains to the bumper of a vehicle because it may come off when towed. Be sure to leave enough space in the chains for making turns, but firm enough to prevent them from dragging on the ground.

3.Defensive and Responsible Driving

It is very important to drive with care when towing. Tow truck drivers normally drive with heavy loads, thus they need to drive slower than speed limits because heavier loads take time to come to a halt. Driving defensively not only protects the tow truck drivers, but also other motorists on the road.

4. Ensure Functionality of Lights and Signals

Ensure the brake lights and turn signals are visible and noticeable by other drivers on the road when towing any vehicles. The wiring harnesses needs to be checked to ensure they are both functioning well and synchronized with the towing vehicle. Besides brake lights and turn signals, other lights such as hazard lights, headlights, flashers and fog lights must be functional and in sync.

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