Flatbed Tow Truck Lynwood

When one of our customers finds themselves in need of towing services, it is because of vehicle breakdowns or sudden vehicle issues. The last thing they want is not able to get quick assistance to get their vehicles moved from the side of the road.

We will listen to what your vehicle issues are so that we can comprehend the troubles you are facing. We can then diagnose and provide a solution to the problems; whether you need a jump; start, wrecker, or a flatbed towing service. Our dispatch will send a towing technician who is well trained, professional, and friendly to your location. We will deal with your roadside issue by providing timely towing solutions.

Versatility and Durable

The regular tow trucks are limited in the types of vehicles they can move and tow. For example, a four-wheel-drive should not be towed with the wheels on the road. This will damage the transmission of the vehicle. On the other hand, flatbed tow trucks have the versatility to handle a wide range of vehicles. They can load the vehicle on the flatbed, and have them transported with ease safely. No matter if you need to move a four-wheel-drive, SUV, luxury car, or disabled vehicle, a flatbed tow truck can handle them with no issues.

Flatbed Towing | Flatbed Tow Truck

When towing using flatbed tow trucks, vehicles are either driven up or winched onto the platform on the back of the tow truck. The platform, which shapes like a flatbed, can be hydraulically adjusted and slanted down to the ground at an angle. Vehicles can either drive up onto the platform or get winched up with the winch system of the tow truck. Once in place, the tires of the vehicles are tied down and secured. As long as your vehicle can fit into the ramp on the truck, it can be transported.

Safe Towing Experience

Furthermore, flatbed towing is the best option for drivers who need to have their vehicles towed for a long distance. It makes towing over long-distance safer and saves a lot of time. We provide flatbed towing services for SUVs, all-wheel-drives, exotic vehicles, and long distance towing requests.

Our professional towing technicians are proficient at unloading as well as loading your vehicle from the flatbed tow truck. We have all the essential equipment and tools, and practical experience to move your vehicles safely. Expect a smooth and damage-free towing experience when you hire for our towing services.

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